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Farm-Based Beverages
   Cornell Malting Barley Resources -- Breeding Program, Variety Trials, Research
   Economics of Malting Barley Production
   Hard Cider Supply Chain Analysis
   Insuring Malting Barley in New York Factsheet (2019)
   Malting Barley Alternative Markets
   Malting Barley: Keys to Successful Production in New York State
   New York Malt Houses Purchasing Grains
   NYS Brewery Supply Chain Analysis, v1, 2016
   NYS Brewery Supply Chain Analysis, v2
   Quality Testing Available through Hartwick College
   Starting a Winery in Northern New York: Considerations and Costs

Local Foods
   Buffalo Farm-to-School Project
   Double Up Food Bucks 2014 Year End Report
   Double Up Food Bucks 2015 Participating Farmers Markets
   Double Up Food Bucks Western NY Report, 2014-2015
   Farm to School Harvest of the Month Materials
   Guide on How To Purchase at New York State Produce Auctions
   NYS Farm to School Support Service Providers Contact List
   NYS Produce Auctions Locations and Contact Information
   Prosperity through Auction
   The Value of Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) Training and Implementation
   Video: Farm Food Safety as if Someone's Life Depended On It
   Video: New York State Produce Auctions
   Video: Produce Washing Stations - How to Use a Germicidal Bleach
   Western NY Food Hub seeks new produce growers to work with!
   What is the Double Up Food Bucks Program in WNY

Dairy Food Processing
   Food Safety Plan Reviews
   Harvest NY Team Members are Delivering Dairy Processing Training
   New York Dairy Industry Infographic
   New York Loves Dairy Processors
   NY Loves Food Industry
   Top 3 Considerations for Starting a Value-Added Dairy Business
   Training Programs for Dairy Food Manufacturers
   Working with Cornell's Dairy Foods Extension Team

Urban Agriculture
   Controlled Environment Agriculture
   Cornell High Tunnels
   Expanding Specialty Mushroom Production on Urban and Rural Farms
   Guide to Urban Farming in New York State
   Healthy Soils, Healthy Communities
   NYC Agricultural Soil Survey
   NYC Urban Agriculture Website
   USDA's Urban Agriculture Toolkit

Emerging Crops
   Edible Hemp Foliar Sampling Project 2018

Farm Strategic Planning
   10 Commandments of Manure Application
   20 Attributes to Highly Successful Managers: Insights from Danny Klinefelter
   Cow Comfort in Tie Stall Barns
   Dairy Acceleration Program
   Dairy Farm Business Summary and Analysis (DFBS)
   Robotic Milking Systems - What We've Learned So Far (Part 1)
   Robotic Milking Systems - What We've Learned So Far (Part 2)
   Rules of Good Farmstead Layout
   To Rehab or Not to Rehab Older Farm Buildings

2018 Cornell Agribusiness Strategic Marketing Confernece
2018 Empire State Barley and Malt Summit
Agritourism Workshop
Artisan Cheeses of Western New York
Artisan Cheeses of Western New York
Artisan Dairy Food Safety Plan Coaching Workshop
Baskets to Pallets: Intro to Selling Wholesale
Beef Processing and Cooking 2.0 Workshop
Berry Growers Workshop
Blueberry Intensive Workshop--Ellicottville
Blueberry Intensive Workshop--Millbrook
Certified Milk Inspector Summer School
Collaborative Marketing
Considering Small-Scale Commercial Value-Added Dairy Production
CRAFT NYC: Next Steps Farmer Panel
Cured Meats Workshop
Cured Meats Workshop
Dairy Science and Sanitation Workshop
Dairy Science and Sanitation Workshop
Dairy Science and Sanitation Workshop
Dairy Science and Sanitation Workshop (VT)
Emerging Markets - Hemp
Emerging Markets - Malting Barley: Technical Updates, Economics and Opportunities Session
Empire State Barley and Malt Summit
Field to Pint Craft Brewery Tour (Eastern NY)
Field to Pint Craft Brewery Tour - Western NY
Finger Lakes Craft Beverage Conference
Fluid Milk Processing for Quality and Safety (Online Course)
Fluid Milk Processing for Quality and Safety (Online Course)
Food Safety Modernization Act Seminar
FSMA Food Safety Training and Workshop
FSMA Preventive Controls Qualified Individual Training
FSPCA Preventive Controls for Animal Food
FSPCA Preventive Controls for Animal Food
GreenThumb GrowTogether Conference
Growing Mushrooms on Gardens and Farms
Growing Tomatoes for Market
Growing, Washing and Packing High Tunnel Winter Greens: Doing It and Doing It Well
Grrls Meat Camp -- Cut & Cook: PIG Workshop
HACCP/Food Safety Plans
Indoor Specialty Mushroom Cultivation Course
It's Time for Agriculture Marketing and Business Plans
Lamb Processing and Cooking 2.0
Learn to Grow Mushrooms - Summer Workshops in NYC
Learn to Grow Mushrooms in NYC
Manure Applicator Training (CCE-Steuben County)
Manure Applicator Training (CCE-Wyoming County)
Manure Handling and Storage Workshop - CANCELED
Market Strategies for Retail and Wholesale
Pollinator and Beneficial Insect Conservation Short Course
Pork Processing Workshop
Preventive Controls Qualified Individual Training: Preventive Controls for Human Food
Small-Scale Charcuterie Workshop
Small-Scale Commercial Value-Added Dairy or Meat Production
Small-Scale Value-Added Dairy
St. Lawrence Valley Produce Auction Growers Meeting
Starting a Winery in Northern NY: Costs and Considerations Webinar
Strategic Workforce Approaches Symposium
The Science of Cheese Making (Basic Level) and Vat Pasteurization Workshop
Writing Your Business & Marketing Plan


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Upcoming Events

Berry Growers Workshop

November 14, 2019
Thurs, 1:00-4:00pm
Alfred, NY

Join Harvest NY Berry Specialist, Esther Kibbe, as she guides potential and established berry growers through site selection and preparation, managing fertility in established plantings, and interactive small group discussions of case studies. This event is being hosted by CCE Allegany County, Harvest NY, and Alfred State College.
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Beginning Producer Benefits for Crop Insurance

A qualifying beginning producer can potentially receive benefits in the crop insurance program. These benefits are designed to help start your operation. In this article, Stephen Hadcock, Capital Area Agriculture and Horticulture Program, outlines the 4 crop insurance benefits available to beginning producers.
1) An exemption from paying the administrative fee for catastrophic coverage and additional coverage.
2) Receive an additional 10 percentage points of premium subsidy for additional coverage policies with a subsidy premium.
3) Utilize the actual production history (APH) of a farming operation that producer was previously involved in.
4) Utilize 80% of an applicable T-yield, instead of the normal 60%, as a substitute Yield Adjustment.