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Event Details


October 18 - October 19, 2017


9:30 AM - 5:00 PM


Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853


$550.00 per person


Harvest New York

MacKenzie Waro

Grrls Meat Camp -- Cut & Cook: PIG Workshop

October 18 - October 19, 2017

Grrls Meat Camp -- Cut & Cook: PIG Workshop

Grrls Meat Camp Cut & Cook series of workshops is coming to New York!

Grrls Meat Camp is teaming up with Cornell Cooperative Extension, Harvest NY for our Grrls Meat Camp Cut & Cook PIG workshop. Let's come together in small groups build a strong circle of like-spirited grrls, while sharpening our butchery, cooking, and business skills. Come have fun and earn your badges!

Day One: 9:30-5:00

Workshop #1 How to Cut & Cook- Whole Hog (including breakdown cost out)
- 1. Whole Hog Breakdown badge
- 2. Knife Skills badge
Lunch + Networking

Workshop #2 Added Value Products: Making Fresh Sausage & Whole Muscle Curing
- 3. Basic Charcuterie badge
- 4. Sausage Maker badge
- 5. The Fifth Quarter

Evening: Cassoulet Supper & Meat-up!

Day Two: 9:30-5:00
Workshop #3 Brown Bag Charcuterie: Making Deli Meats at Home (poultry, pork, beef)
It's time to put your skills to work and roll out some delicious and healthy deli meats for the whole family: Ham, Bologna, Liverwurst and other home-made luncheon meats
- 6. Brown Bag Badge

Lunch & Presentation by Host Grrls

Workshop #4 Panel Discussion- Which Part of our Grrls Meat Chain are You?
Growing animals for food? Slaughtering and butchering? Maker and cook? How do we strengthen our resources and keep our food chain diverse, resilient and nimble? What is the business of being a women working in meat: gender negotiation, self-value, mentor match up. 

Fee: $550 per person, includes 4 workshops, two lunches, 1 supper and social event, workshop supporting materials, GMC Badge Apron and badges!

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