Impacts in New York

Impacts in New YorkHarvest NY Specialists develop educational programs that increase agricultural investments, profitability and sustainability. They play a vital role to New York State agriculture by bringing together industry stakeholders to respond to emerging trends, connecting them to Cornell University research and training, and production support provided by the Cornell Cooperative Extension regional agriculture teams.

Program Highlights, April - June 2024

  • New Monthly Public Radio Interview Spreads Awareness of Challenges, Risks and Successes for NYS Farms and Agriculture
  • Spring Climate Resiliency Webinar Series
  • A Vision for Two New York Farm to School Programs
  • The Urban Strawberry Project: Year 2 Update
  • Helping New Farm Managers Get Their Bearings
  • Investigating the Cultivation Potential of Edible Mushrooms on Common New York City Trees
  • USDA Urban Agriculture Primer
  • Impact of Unique Community Nutrition and Gardening Program Shared at the National Urban Extension Leadership Conference
  • Rochester's 2024 Annual Urban Ag Conference was a Great Success!
  • Cannabis sativa Hemp Starting a Strong Summer Season
  • Agritourism Worldwide: Second World Agritourism Congress

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Program Highlights, January - March 2024

  • Developing Farmer-to-Farmer Networks in New York City
  • Cultivating Connections in Urban Agriculture
  • Recognizing Resilient Gardens Across NYS
  • Exploring the Intersection of Food Justice and Policy
  • Collaboration Plants the Seeds at Three Gardens in the City of Rochester
  • Berry and Fruit Twilight Meetings Return for 2024
  • Cannabis sativa Hemp Continues Strong in NY
  • Harvest NY Celebrates Women's History Month with Minority and Women-Owned Businesses
  • On-farm Biochar Demonstration Trial to be Established in the Hudson Valley
  • Harvest NY Welcomes New Statewide Ag Climate Resiliency Specialist
  • Buffalo Farm Shares Program
  • Bridget O'Brien Wood Joins Harvest NY as Buffalo Farm Shares Coordinator
  • Cultivating Community in Farm to School
  • Agritourism Business Plan Template Developed
  • Agriculture Marketing Webinar Series

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2023 Year in Review

2023 was an impactful year for CCE Harvest NY. Our major partners include NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets, NYC Department of Education, NYS Office of Cannabis Management, NYS Berry Growers Association, Scenic Hudson, and many more. We could not do this work without you! Most importantly, we thank the gardeners, farmers, processors, and school food authorities that we serve.

  • A Study of Urban Agriculture in New York State Released
  • Insect Identification for NYC Farmers and Gardeners
  • Harvest NY Offers Education, Fresh Produce, and Job Readiness Training to the Rochester Community
  • A New Community Garden in Nassau County
  • Collaboration Leads to New Garden Opening and Educational Opportunities for Families in Transitional Housing
  • Buffalo Urban Farm Day Showcases City's Flourishing Urban Growing Community
  • Urban Agriculture Curriculum Design Influenced by Stakeholder Feedback
  • Five Years of 30% NY Initiative Success
  • Local Foods for Schools
  • Buffalo Farm to School is a Net Positive
  • Supporting Minority and Women-Owned Businesses in New York State
  • CCE and Cornell Educators Connect at Climate Symposium
  • Development of a Statewide Agritourism Program
  • A Big Year for Cannabis sativa in New York
  • Berry Research in NY to Inform Effective Fungicide Strategies

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Program Highlights, July - September 2023

  • Buffalo Urban Farm Day Showcases City's Flourishing Urban Growing Community
  • Empowering New Community Gardeners
  • New York City Mayor's Office of Urban Agriculture Supports Rock Dust Research
  • Small-Scale Compost Solutions in the Big City
  • Urban Agriculture Curriculum Development Specialist Joins Harvest NY
  • New York State Legislators Tour Urban Farms in Brooklyn
  • Unique Field Guide for New York City's Vegetable Pests
  • Supporting Minority and Women Business Enterprises (MWBE) in New York State
  • Stakeholders Gather at the Hemp Cannabis sativa Field Day
  • Low Toxicity Pesticide Trial in Strawberries
  • New Ag Climate Resiliency Specialist Joins Harvest NY
  • Statewide Coalition Building for Climate Mitigation and Adaptation in Agriculture
  • Cut Flower Industry Ready to Blossom in New York State
  • Specialty Grains for Local and Regional Food Systems

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Program Highlights, April - June 2023

  • It's Out! New York State Hemp Production Manual Released
  • Agritourism in New York State and Beyond
  • Growing Independently for Culture and Cuisine
  • A New Garden Grows in Brownsville, Brooklyn
  • Urban Farmer Training Program
  • Buffalo Holds First Soil Health Day to Educate Growers About Importance of Soil Safety
  • Rochester's Urban Ag Spring Conference Welcomes Record Attendees and Invigorating Workshops
  • Integrated Rice-Duck Farming in New York State
  • The NY Food Hub Collaborative Hits the Road!
  • Finding Super New York Super-Kosher Food Items
  • New Agriculture and Climate Change Program Work Team
  • Fruit and Berry Twilight Meetings Connect Growers, Extension, and IPM 

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Program Highlights, January - March 2023

  • 2023 Hudson Valley Farming Webinar and Field Day Series: Farming in a Changing Climate
  • Cut Flower Production Risks, Markets, and Pricing
  • NY Food Database of Small Businesses and Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Producers
  • Agricultural Producer Training Provides an Introduction to Selling Products to Schools
  • CCE Harvest NY Partners with Brooklyn Queens Land Trust to Host a Seed Sowing Workshop at Brooklyn Grange
  • Harvest NY Berry Production Workshops Attract Growers from Across the State
  • Community Garden Collective Blooms in Rochester City Neighborhood
  • Revival of Urban Farmer-to-Farmer Network in New York City Through NYC CRAFT
  • Educational Events Guide the New York Cannabis Industry

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2022 Year in Review

2022 was another exciting year for Harvest NY! We developed a new partnership with Scenic Hudson to expand our Climate Resilient Agriculture program, deployed our Farm to School Coordinators statewide, and rolled out programming on Cannabis, strawberries and more. Our major partner in this work is NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets, whom we thank. 

  • Harvest NY Expands Garden and Nutrition Education Opportunities for Families in Transitional Housing
  • Urban Berry Opportunities Take Root in The Bronx
  • Urban Ag Specialists Provide Hands-On Learning for Youth at a Buffalo Farm
  • Young Adults Gain Relevant and Outstanding Work Skills at the South Lawn Project
  • Rochester Urban Garden Celebrations
  • Creative Pest Management on Urban Farms
  • Curricula to Advance Urban Agriculture Planning, Policy, and Production
  • Harvest NY's Farm to Institution Support Across New York
  • Harvest NY Farm to Institution 2022 Highlights
  • NY Food Hub Collaborative Given the Green Light
  • Food Systems Specialist Joins the Harvest NY Team
  • Overcoming Food Safety Barriers in NY Plain Communities
  • Meetings Encourage Agritourism in New York State
  • Cannabis sativa Progress in New York
  • Harvest NY's Ag Climate Resiliency Specialists Build Statewide Connections to Expand Their Reach

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Program Highlights, April - September 2022

  • CCE Connections Enable Gardening and Nutrition Education Opportunities for Families in Transitional Housing
  • Advancing Food Security and Mental Well-Being through Community Gardens
  • Buffalo Youth Engage with Urban Farming Experts During Summer Workshop Series
  • Tracking Beneficial Insects on Urban Farms
  • Friend or Foe? Pocket Guide Helps Identify Helpful Insects on the Farm
  • CCE Harvest NY Specialist Yolanda Gonzalez Named a 'Rising Star in NYC Food Policy'
  • New York State Pawpaw Conference
  • NY Food Show Connects Farm to School Supply Chain Partners
  • Harvest NY's Farm to School Coordinator Program Expands
  • Farmer to School Producer Readiness Training Coming to New York
  • Guiding Statewide Efforts in Ag Climate Resiliency
  • International Workshop on Agritourism Highlights the New Culinary Trail Collaboration in Northern NY and Neighboring Regions
  • Events Expand Cannabis Knowledge Across NYS
  • Food Systems Specialist Joins Harvest NY Team

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Program Highlights, January - March 2022

  • Urban Fruit Tree Pruning
  • Blustery Weather Makes for Good Blueberry Pruning
  • Connecting Classrooms to Community Gardens
  • Increasing the Nutrient Density of Food in NYC Urban Gardens
  • TUFFS Spurs New Farmer-to-Farmer Connections in NYC
  • New Developments for Cannabis Producers in NYS
  • Professional Cannabis Meetup Group
  • Celebrating Cultural Diversity with Buffalo Farm to School
  • Values-Based Purchasing through Buffalo Farm to School
  • Ag Climate Resiliency Specialists Join Harvest NY

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2021 Year in Review

2021 was a year of growth and transition for Harvest NY. Our team said goodbye to valued colleagues, added staff, and built new educational models based on our partnerships across New York State. Major growth for Harvest NY took place in the Urban Agriculture, Farm to School, and Emerging Crops programs. In all cases, partnerships with New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets facilitated this growth. 

  • Ginger as a Farm Enterprise in New York City: Two Year Trial Promises Profitability that Requires Very Little Work During the Busy Summer Months
  • Creating Gardens and Restoring Communities in New York City
  • Developing Stronger Connections Between New Yorkers, Their Food, and the Natural World Around Them: Makela Elvy Joins Harvest NY as an Urban Garden Specialist
  • Harvest NY Expands Farm to Institution Support Across New York State
  • Farm to School 2021 Program Highlights
  • Sustainable Methods to Prevent Pest and Disease Issues in New York Berries
  • Pawpaws Growing Guide Published
  • Harvest NY Hires Specialist to Improve Hemp Cultivation in New York and Address Other Emerging Crops
  • Risk Management for Improved Viability of the Northeast Hemp Industry

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Program Highlights, July - September 2021

  • Shiitake Mushroom Logs Head to NYC Urban Farms via the Schooner Apollonia Sailboat
  • Helping Urban Farmers Recognize When to Hold 'Em and When to Fold 'Em
  • Community and Soil Revitalization
  • Building More Resilient Urban Agro-Ecosystems in Monroe County through Community Gardens
  • Buffalo Farm to School Celebrates Cultural Diversity
  • 30% NY Initiative Resources Aid Schools in Qualifying for Increased Reimbursement
  • A New Way to Prepare Strawberry Beds?
  • Extending the Season in Northern NY with Brassica Crops

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Program Highlights, April - June 2021

  • Urban Garden Specialists Join Harvest New York
  • Conservation Biocontrol on Urban Farms
  • Introducing the Harvest NY Regional Farm to School Coordinator Program
  • New Farm to School Website Connects Collaborators Across NYS
  • Small Fruits Extension Specialist Digs Right In
  • New Lead Trainer for the Produce Safety Alliance

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Program Highlights, January - March 2021

  • Risk Management for Improved Viability of the Northeast Hemp Industry: Harvest NY Awarded a Grant to Evaluate Solutions to Risks Associated with the New Hemp Industry
  • Providing Berry Extension Locally and Nationwide From Behind a Screen
  • Harvest NY Launches the Farm to School Regional Coordinator Program
  • Farm to School Program Work Team Webinar Series
  • The Eastern Broccoli Market Opportunity Assessment for New York State
  • Fluid Milk Processing for Quality and Safety Training
  • Advancing Sustainable Pest Management for NY Urban Farmers

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2020 Year in Review

Harvest NY showed its strength and agility in 2020 by delivering huge impacts while shifting to virtual programming due to COVID-19. Not only did we have to change our delivery model, our program content also became COVID focused to keep essential food businesses safe and operational. This included supporting compliance with health guidelines at food distribution sites, reaching New York families with New York grown food, supporting processing plants to limit the spread of the virus and importantly, helping New York farms stay open to feed our State.

  • CSA Shares (Re)Directed to Those in Need
  • Farm to Institution Expansion
  • A Farmer-to-Farmer Summit for New York City
  • Helping to Preserve the Food Industry Supply Chain During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Successful Opening of Unique Ice Cream Business Allows Community to Experience a Hispanic-Style Treat
  • Berry Extension During a Pandemic
  • New York's Produce Auctions Adapt and Experience Record Sales in 2020

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Program Highlights, July - September 2020

  • What's Wrong with my Veggie Plants?
  • Urban Farms Enjoy an Extended Season by Implementing Pest Management Techniques
  • Local Procurement Hindered by Emergency Feeding Waivers
  • Highlight and Promote the Consumption of Locally-Grown Foods in Schools: Customizable Marketing Materials Available for Each District's Use
  • USDA Awards Cornell University $2M to Support a Value-Added Grains Project
  • Summer 2020 Blueberry Research to Identify a Cultural Control Method for an Invasive Fruit Fly
  • Carolina's Ice Cream: Bringing Peruvian Flavor to New York
  • Dairy and Food Safety Virtual Workshops, Q3 2020
  • Produce Auction Continues to See Increased Sales

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Program Highlights, April - June 2020

This Quarterly Highlights report depicts the swift response Harvest NY had to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Making "Virtual" a Reality
  • Training Materials Developed to Help Reduce Virus Transmission in the Food Industry Workplace and Beyond
  • Berry Extension During a Pandemic
  • New U-Pick Guidelines Developed
  • Supporting New York's Essential Produce Auctions During COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Exploring New Marketing Options Due to COVID-19
  • Adapting to Online Learning Through Interactive Virtual Mushroom Cultivation Instruction
  • Technical Assistance for Urban Farms During COVID-19
  • Farm to School Continues Through School Closings
  • Power in Networks
  • Tim Terry Moves to PRO-DAIRY

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Program Highlights, January - March 2020

  • Buffalo Farm to School Awards Food Bids to Local Farmers and Small Food Producers in the Amount of $844,485
  • Harvest NY Welcomes Western NY Farm to Institution Coordinator to the Team
  • Eastern Broccoli Project Market Development Research Underway
  • Successful Strawberry Substrate 3-Day Workshop Inspires Growers
  • New Developments in Urban Agriculture Soil Management
  • Cold Frames: A Season Extension Option for Urban Farms
  • Cow Comfort: Key to 'The Next Pound'
  • Offering Customized Services to Dairy Food Processing Facilities of All Sizes Across New York State
  • Harvest NY Works with Institute for Food Safety to Develop Industry and Consumer Resources for COVID-19
  • Supporting New York's Agriculture and Food Economy from a Distance Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

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HNY Year End Review 2019

  • Dairy Processing & Marketing 2019 Review
  • Peer-to-Peer Update
  • Agricultural Impacts in 2019
  • Building Relationships with Berry Growers
  • Craft Beverage Industry 2019 Update
  • Urban Agriculture Program 2019 Highlights
  • Agricultural Business & Marketing- Year in Review
  • Hemp Industry 2019 Update

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Program Highlights, October-December 2019

  • Harvest NY Receives Local Food Promotion Grant!
  • Welcome Karen Ospina
  • Field Trial: Soil pH Management for Urban Agriculture
  • Harvest NY Helps Urban Growers Enter New Markets
  • Harvest NY Co-Hosts 3rd Empire State Barley & Malt Summit
  • Educational Marketing Outreach in Northern New York
  • Dairy Food Processing & Marketing 4th Quarter Update
  • Berry Workshop Held at Alfred State
  • Farm Strategic Planning: 2019 By the Numbers

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Program Highlights, July-September 2019

  • Rapid Response in Dairy Food Safety
  • Installation of Chamber Unit for Mushroom Production in NYC farms & gardens
  • New York Farm to School Institute's Inaugural Year
  • 3rd Quarter Berry Production Update
  • Peer-to-Peer Assistance
  • Addressing Plant Diseases on Urban Farms
  • Ag Business Development & Marketing 3rd Program Updates
  • Dairy Industry Outreach

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Program Highlights, April- June 2019

  • Harvest NY Tag Teams with Cornell Vegetable Program
  • New York Farm to School 2nd Quarter Update
  • Strategic Workforce Approaches Symposium
  • Growing Specialty Mushroom Industry in the NYC and Regional Foodshed
  • New Strategies to Connect with Urban Farmers
  • Agricultural Business Development & Marketing 2nd Quarter Updates

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Program Highlights, January-March 2019

• CAFO Training
• New York Farm to School Feed
• Local Beef, it's what's for lunch in Buffalo
• Dairy Food Processing 1st Quarter Program Updates
• Spawning an Interest in Specialty Mushrooms in NYC
• NYC Agricultural Soil Surveys Enters Second Year
• Agricultural Business Development & Marketing 1st Quarter Updates

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HNY Year End Review 2018

  • Dairy Food Processing & Marketing 2018 Review
  • Farm Strategic Planning: 2018 By the Numbers
  • Agricultural Impacts in 2018
  • Craft Beverage Industry 2018 Update
  • Urban Agriculture Program: Highlights for 2018
  • Agricultural Business & Marketing- Year in Review

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Program Highlights, October-December 2018

  • LEAN-ing Into It
  • Harvest NY Co-hosts 2nd Empire State Barley and Malt Summit
  • Dairy Food Processing & Marketing Quarter 4 Updates
  • Peer-to-peer Farmer Training in NYC
  • Strategic Marketing Conference Recap

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Food Safety: Critical for the Success of NY Farms

The CDC estimates that each year 48 million people get sick from a foodborne illness with over 128,000 hospitalized. According to the Center for Food Integrity, "food safety" is the third most common food topic searched online. The threat to human health from contaminated foods also represents a major financial risk for New York agriculture. 

Harvest NY specialists are leading the effort to keep consumers safe and NYS farms and processing businesses successful in the emerging world of food safety. Despite the diversity of sectors we serve, each of our program areas touch on this topic; from the 4,600+ NY dairy farms, the 64,000 dairy processing jobs, to the 8.5 million residents of New York City. Although we focus on many other issues, Harvest NY recognizes that food safety is essential for New York farmers and consumers.

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Program Highlights, April-June 2018

  • Farm Strategic Planning: Phoenix Rising
  • Upcoming Craft Beverage Events
  • Increased Access of CSA shares to Low-Income Communities in Buffalo
  • Dairy Food Processing & Marketing 2nd Quarter Updates
  • Urban Agriculture 2nd Quarter Updates
  • Northern New York Marketing
  • Northern New York Craft Beverage Cost Establishment Project

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Program Highlights, January-March 2018

  • 1st Quarter Dairy Processing Marketing Update
  • Harvest NY Specialist Presents at the Farm Brewery Roundtable
  • Exciting New Resources for Local Food System Professionals
  • 1st Quarter Urban Agriculture Program Update
  • Harvest NY Equips Veterans
  • North County Meat Series
  • Hard Cider Supply Chain Report & Industry Presentations

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HNY Year End Review 2017

  • Farm Strategic Planning: 2017 in Review
  • Agricultural Impacts in 2017
  • Craft Beverage Industry 2017 Update
  • Dairy Processing & Marketing 2017 Review 
  • Urban Agricultural Program: Highlights for 2017
  • Livestock Processing & Marketing: 2017 Year in Review
  • Northern New York Craft Beverage Industry: 2017 Year in Review

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Program Highlights, October-December 2017

  • Up From the Ashes
  • Harvest New York Fosters Knowledge & Cultivates Connections in the Craft Beer Industry
  • Value-Added Dairy Workshop
  • Livestock Processing- 4th Quarter Update
  • St. Lawrence Valley Produce Auction

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Program Highlights, July-September 2017

  • Reducing Dairy Labor and Expense
  • Harvest NY Connects Farmers and Buyers 
  • From Field to Pint
  • State Fair Dairy Product Awards
  • 3rd Quarter Dairy Training Update
  • Livestock Processing & Marketing 3rd Quarter Update
  • Northern New York Craft Beverage Industry 

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Program Highlights, April-June 2017

  • Efficiency Over Expansion
  • Harvest NY Successfully Completes Developmental Role in Double Up Food Bucks
  • Preventive Controls for Human Food Training Continues
  • North County Dairy Plant Training Course 
  • Livestock Processing & Marketing Second Quarter Update
  • Winery Establishments in Northern New York 

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Program Highlights, January-March 2017

  • Robot Barn Comes Online
  • Harvest NY Specialists complete Evaluation Training 
  • Harvest New York Training Programs
  • International Dairy Foods Association Food Safety Awards
  • Ice Cream Making at Genesee Valley Educational Partnership
  • Food Processing Internal Audit Training in Erie County
  • Livestock Processing & Marketing Update
  • Hard Cider: A Growing Beverage and Apple Industry 

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Program Highlights, October-December 2016

  • HNY Strategic Planning Good for the Environment
  • Training & Outreach in Dairy Food Processing and Marketing
  • Food Safety Plan Development
  • Charcuterie Class & Poultry Processing Workshops
  • Northern New York Produce Auction Updates

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HNY Year End Review 2016

  • Farm Strategic Planning: 2016 in Review
  • Local Foods Program: Highlights for 2016
  • Dairy Processing: Training Impacts
  • 2016 Western New York Cheese Workshops
  • Charcuterie Class, Poultry Class, Northeast Livestock Conference
  • Northern New York Produce Auction
  • Expansion Cold Climate Wine Industry- Northern New York 

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Program Highlights, July-September 2016

  • Harvest New York Efforts Coming to Fruition
  • Harvest New York partners on Cornell's Developing an Easter Broccoli Industry project
  • Harvest New York is awarded a $74K USDA Local Food Promotion Program planning grant to support the NYS craft beverage industry
  • Dairy Science in Northern New York
  • Preventive Controls for Human Food Training Continues 
  • Meat Cutting Seminar at SUNY Cobleskill
  • Northern New York Food Hub Initiative 

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Program Highlights, April-June 2016

  • Beef Seminar Cuts to the Chase
  • Workforce Development Trainings
  • Dairy Day Returns to the State Capital 
  • Double Up Food Bucks Program Expanding Across Western New York
  • NYFVI Supports an Expansion of Harvest NY's Programmatic Work in the NYS Malting Barley Industry
  • What's the Next Step for the Southern Tier Ag Industry Enhancement Program?

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Program Highlights, January-March 2016

  • STAIEP Funding Accelerating Farm Growth and Improvement 
  • Wholesale Market Training 
  • Harvest NY Spreads Brewery Supply Chain Information
  • Shaping the Dairy Foods Manufacturing Workforce
  • Educating Students and the Community on production of New York Dairy Products
  • Meat Processing and Marketing Update 
  • Northern New York Cuisine Trails 

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HNY Year End Review 2015

  • Harvest NY Grows!
  • Dairy Strategic Planning- Year in Review
  • Buffalo Farm to School: What We've Learned and Next Steps
  • Double Up Food Bucks: 2015 Program Recap and Next Steps
  • HNY Promotes NYS as Processing Market
  • Malting Barley Supply Chain Analysis
  • Assessing the Costs and Returns of Implementing Food Safety Practices

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Program Highlights, July-September 2015

  • 2015 Legislative Agricultural Tour Recap
  • Agricultural Process in the Genesee Valley and western Southern Tier
  • Farm-to-hospital planning comes to Buffalo
  • Western NY Food Hub Mobilization and Expansion Project Launches. 

view complete impact (PDF; 1312 KB)

Program Highlights, April-June 2015

  • NYATEP/ Cornell Host 2nd Annual Food & Beverage Workforce Development Summit: A Focus on Food Industry Apprenticeships
  • Innovating Fluid Milk
  • Food Safety Results to be Presented at Upcoming International Association for Food Protection Annual Meeting
  • Dairy Strategic Planning Specialist-It's Very Quiet on the Western Front
  • Double Up Food Bucks Western NY (DUFB WNY) expands to 8 new markets during the 2015 farmers market season!
  • Making great progress in the Buffalo Farm to School effort

view complete impact (PDF; 2101 KB)

Program Highlights, January-March 2015

  • Marketing NYS as a Place for Dairy Foods and Food Processing
  • Harvest NY Assisting with Online Training Programs for Dairy Food Manufacturers
  • Prosperity Through Produce Auctions
  • Farm Investments Strong
  • A Look into Malting Barley and its Economic Effects on Stakeholders in the NYS Supply Chain

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HNY Year End Review 2014

  • New Dairy Farm Strategic Planning Specialist Hits the Ground Running
  • Western NY Food Hub Project Moves into Business Planning Mode
  • Harvest NY Partners with Institutional Markets to Increase Procurement of Local Foods
  • Harvest NY Collaborates Across Disciplines to Explore Greek Yogurt Whey Options
  • Harvest NY Trains over 700 in Food Safety & Dairy Foods Processing
  • Results from Double Up Food Bucks: Increasing Access to Fresh NYS Grown Produce
  • Harvest NY Teams up with NYATEP To Host First Food & Beverage Workforce Development Summit
  • Harvest NY helps demystify the FAQ "What is a Produce Auction and How Do They Work?"
  • Harvest NY Investigates the Impact of Good Agricultural Practices Certification on NYS Farms
  • Harvest NY Specialist joins Farm to Institute New York State Leadership Team

view complete impact (PDF; 1894 KB)

HNY 1st & 2nd Quarterly Report 2014

  • Double Up Food Bucks Western NY Launches!!
  • Ready to Grow Western NY Food Hub Planning Project Update
  • Expanding the Incubator Program at Cornell's Food Processing Development Lab
  • Harvest NY Hosts Food & Beverage Workforce Development Summit
  • Expanded GAP Training in WNY

view complete impact (PDF; 1279 KB)

Harvest New York Impacts for 2013

Summary of 2013 Impacts from Harvest New York.

view complete impact (PDF; 224 KB)

HNY Year End Review 2013

  • Workforce Development For The Growing Dairy Foods Processing Industry
  • Harvest NY Teams with Milk Quality Improvement Program to Obtain Grant to Research and Educate Farmers on Protocols That Will Benefit Western NY Dairy Processors
  • Harvest NY Maximizes Resources for Western NY Dairies
  • Opportunities for Growth in Western NY Farmers' Markets
  • Western NY Food Hub Feasibility Study to Commence
  • Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) Trainings Provided by Harvest NY Specialist
  • Harvest NY Specialist Helps Family Farm to See Big Returns from Facility Investment

view complete impact (PDF; 1354 KB)

HNY 3rd Quarterly Report 2013

  • Western New York Food Hub Feasibility Study to Commence!
  • Expanded GAP training in WNY
  • Research & Education on Spore-forming Bacteria Grant Proposal
  • Audit Assistance Provided to Western New York Processors

view complete impact (PDF; 1119 KB)

HNY 2nd Quarterly Report 2013

  • 2-Year Food Processing Degree Curriculum Approved and Grant Received to Start-Up Program
  • Harvest NY Hosts Cultured Dairy Products Workshops
  • Harvest NY Assists Western NY Agricultural Businesses Obtain Grant Money
  • Harvest NY Co-Facilitates a Food System Roundtable Discussion
  • Growth in the Works for Friendly Acres Dairy Farm
  • Knight Dairy Farm Looks to the Future

view complete impact (PDF; 1109 KB)

HNY 1st Quarterly Report 2013

  • Workforce Development Initiatives in Food Processing for Western NY
  • New Resource Available: Guide on How to Purchase at the NYS Produce Auctions
  • Southern Tier Dairy Farmers Look to Peers When Seeking to Improve Milk Production with New '10 Pound Club'
  • Survey of Western NY Dairy Farmers Shows Appetite for Growth and Increasing Milk Production Amid Land and Labor Concerns
  • Opportunities for Growth in Western New York Farmers Markets
  • Harvest New York supports the development of a regional food hub in Western New York

view complete impact (PDF; 1297 KB)

HNY 3rd & 4th Quarterly Report 2012

  • Training of Employees Entering the Food Processing Sector
  • Development of an Acid Whey Work Group
  • New York State produce auctions demonstrate stronger economic growth when they receive effective extension education support services
  • Emerging New York food hubs represent new opportunities for New York State farmers to meet the local food demand
  • Opportunities for Growth and Improvement in Productivity at Farm Level in Western New York Dairy Industry
  • Identifying New York Dairy Farm Growth Opportunities Stemming from Proposed Medium CAFO Permit Threshold Increase

view complete impact (PDF; 664 KB)

Upcoming Events

Resilient Gardens Symposium

August 10, 2024
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
New York, NY

We will be hosting a one-day Resilient Gardens Symposium in New York City focused on culturally relevant gardening skills adapted to climate change for the unique resource needs of urban gardeners. The day's focus will be on addressing barriers for beginning gardeners most affected by post-pandemic food insecurity, hearing from leaders on innovative ways to overcome these issues in cities and connecting resources between Cornell Cooperative Extension and leading community gardens. And, there will be garden tours to Harlem Community Gardens!


Field Guide: Arthropod Pests of NYC Vegetables

Arthropod Pests of NYC Vegetables aims to help urban farmers and gardeners find, identify, and understand the most common and important insects and other arthropod pests found in New York City farms and gardens. Some of these pests are rarely mentioned in other guides but are common in NYC. The guide emphasizes scouting tips, including how to identify pests by the damage they leave behind, even when you can't find the insect itself.

This guide was created as a collaboration between Cornell Cooperative Extension's Harvest New York team and the New York State Integrated Pest Management Program.