Impacts in New York

Impacts in New YorkHarvest NY Specialists develop educational programs that increase agricultural investments, profitability and sustainability. They play a vital role to New York State agriculture by bringing together industry stakeholders to respond to emerging trends, connecting them to Cornell University research and training, and production support provided by the Cornell Cooperative Extension regional agriculture teams.

Program Highlights, April-June 2018

  • Farm Strategic Planning: Phoenix Rising
  • Upcoming Craft Beverage Events
  • Increased Access of CSA shares to Low-Income Communities in Buffalo
  • Dairy Food Processing & Marketing 2nd Quarter Updates
  • Urban Agriculture 2nd Quarter Updates
  • Northern New York Marketing
  • Northern New York Craft Beverage Cost Establishment Project

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Program Highlights, January-March 2018

  • 1st Quarter Dairy Processing Marketing Update
  • Harvest NY Specialist Presents at the Farm Brewery Roundtable
  • Exciting New Resources for Local Food System Professionals
  • 1st Quarter Urban Agriculture Program Update
  • Harvest NY Equips Veterans
  • North County Meat Series
  • Hard Cider Supply Chain Report & Industry Presentations

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HNY Year End Review 2017

  • Farm Strategic Planning: 2017 in Review
  • Agricultural Impacts in 2017
  • Craft Beverage Industry 2017 Update
  • Dairy Processing & Marketing 2017 Review 
  • Urban Agricultural Program: Highlights for 2017
  • Livestock Processing & Marketing: 2017 Year in Review
  • Northern New York Craft Beverage Industry: 2017 Year in Review

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Program Highlights, October-December 2017

  • Up From the Ashes
  • Harvest New York Fosters Knowledge & Cultivates Connections in the Craft Beer Industry
  • Value-Added Dairy Workshop
  • Livestock Processing- 4th Quarter Update
  • St. Lawrence Valley Produce Auction

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Program Highlights, July-September 2017

  • Reducing Dairy Labor and Expense
  • Harvest NY Connects Farmers and Buyers 
  • From Field to Pint
  • State Fair Dairy Product Awards
  • 3rd Quarter Dairy Training Update
  • Livestock Processing & Marketing 3rd Quarter Update
  • Northern New York Craft Beverage Industry 

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Program Highlights, April-June 2017

  • Efficiency Over Expansion
  • Harvest NY Successfully Completes Developmental Role in Double Up Food Bucks
  • Preventive Controls for Human Food Training Continues
  • North County Dairy Plant Training Course 
  • Livestock Processing & Marketing Second Quarter Update
  • Winery Establishments in Northern New York 

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Program Highlights, January-March 2017

  • Robot Barn Comes Online
  • Harvest NY Specialists complete Evaluation Training 
  • Harvest New York Training Programs
  • International Dairy Foods Association Food Safety Awards
  • Ice Cream Making at Genesee Valley Educational Partnership
  • Food Processing Internal Audit Training in Erie County
  • Livestock Processing & Marketing Update
  • Hard Cider: A Growing Beverage and Apple Industry 

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Program Highlights, October-December 2016

  • HNY Strategic Planning Good for the Environment
  • Training & Outreach in Dairy Food Processing and Marketing
  • Food Safety Plan Development
  • Charcuterie Class & Poultry Processing Workshops
  • Northern New York Produce Auction Updates

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HNY Year End Review 2016

  • Farm Strategic Planning: 2016 in Review
  • Local Foods Program: Highlights for 2016
  • Dairy Processing: Training Impacts
  • 2016 Western New York Cheese Workshops
  • Charcuterie Class, Poultry Class, Northeast Livestock Conference
  • Northern New York Produce Auction
  • Expansion Cold Climate Wine Industry- Northern New York 

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Program Highlights, July-September 2016

  • Harvest New York Efforts Coming to Fruition
  • Harvest New York partners on Cornell's Developing an Easter Broccoli Industry project
  • Harvest New York is awarded a $74K USDA Local Food Promotion Program planning grant to support the NYS craft beverage industry
  • Dairy Science in Northern New York
  • Preventive Controls for Human Food Training Continues 
  • Meat Cutting Seminar at SUNY Cobleskill
  • Northern New York Food Hub Initiative 

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Program Highlights, April-June 2016

  • Beef Seminar Cuts to the Chase
  • Workforce Development Trainings
  • Dairy Day Returns to the State Capital 
  • Double Up Food Bucks Program Expanding Across Western New York
  • NYFVI Supports an Expansion of Harvest NY's Programmatic Work in the NYS Malting Barley Industry
  • What's the Next Step for the Southern Tier Ag Industry Enhancement Program?

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Program Highlights, January-March 2016

  • STAIEP Funding Accelerating Farm Growth and Improvement 
  • Wholesale Market Training 
  • Harvest NY Spreads Brewery Supply Chain Information
  • Shaping the Dairy Foods Manufacturing Workforce
  • Educating Students and the Community on production of New York Dairy Products
  • Meat Processing and Marketing Update 
  • Northern New York Cuisine Trails 

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HNY Year End Review 2015

  • Harvest NY Grows!
  • Dairy Strategic Planning- Year in Review
  • Buffalo Farm to School: What We've Learned and Next Steps
  • Double Up Food Bucks: 2015 Program Recap and Next Steps
  • HNY Promotes NYS as Processing Market
  • Malting Barley Supply Chain Analysis
  • Assessing the Costs and Returns of Implementing Food Safety Practices

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Program Highlights, July-September 2015

  • 2015 Legislative Agricultural Tour Recap
  • Agricultural Process in the Genesee Valley and western Southern Tier
  • Farm-to-hospital planning comes to Buffalo
  • Western NY Food Hub Mobilization and Expansion Project Launches. 

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Program Highlights, April-June 2015

  • NYATEP/ Cornell Host 2nd Annual Food & Beverage Workforce Development Summit: A Focus on Food Industry Apprenticeships
  • Innovating Fluid Milk
  • Food Safety Results to be Presented at Upcoming International Association for Food Protection Annual Meeting
  • Dairy Strategic Planning Specialist-It's Very Quiet on the Western Front
  • Double Up Food Bucks Western NY (DUFB WNY) expands to 8 new markets during the 2015 farmers market season!
  • Making great progress in the Buffalo Farm to School effort

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Program Highlights, January-March 2015

  • Marketing NYS as a Place for Dairy Foods and Food Processing
  • Harvest NY Assisting with Online Training Programs for Dairy Food Manufacturers
  • Prosperity Through Produce Auctions
  • Farm Investments Strong
  • A Look into Malting Barley and its Economic Effects on Stakeholders in the NYS Supply Chain

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HNY Year End Review 2014

  • New Dairy Farm Strategic Planning Specialist Hits the Ground Running
  • Western NY Food Hub Project Moves into Business Planning Mode
  • Harvest NY Partners with Institutional Markets to Increase Procurement of Local Foods
  • Harvest NY Collaborates Across Disciplines to Explore Greek Yogurt Whey Options
  • Harvest NY Trains over 700 in Food Safety & Dairy Foods Processing
  • Results from Double Up Food Bucks: Increasing Access to Fresh NYS Grown Produce
  • Harvest NY Teams up with NYATEP To Host First Food & Beverage Workforce Development Summit
  • Harvest NY helps demystify the FAQ "What is a Produce Auction and How Do They Work?"
  • Harvest NY Investigates the Impact of Good Agricultural Practices Certification on NYS Farms
  • Harvest NY Specialist joins Farm to Institute New York State Leadership Team

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HNY 1st & 2nd Quarterly Report 2014

  • Double Up Food Bucks Western NY Launches!!
  • Ready to Grow Western NY Food Hub Planning Project Update
  • Expanding the Incubator Program at Cornell's Food Processing Development Lab
  • Harvest NY Hosts Food & Beverage Workforce Development Summit
  • Expanded GAP Training in WNY

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Harvest New York Impacts for 2013

Summary of 2013 Impacts from Harvest New York.

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HNY Year End Review 2013

  • Workforce Development For The Growing Dairy Foods Processing Industry
  • Harvest NY Teams with Milk Quality Improvement Program to Obtain Grant to Research and Educate Farmers on Protocols That Will Benefit Western NY Dairy Processors
  • Harvest NY Maximizes Resources for Western NY Dairies
  • Opportunities for Growth in Western NY Farmers' Markets
  • Western NY Food Hub Feasibility Study to Commence
  • Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) Trainings Provided by Harvest NY Specialist
  • Harvest NY Specialist Helps Family Farm to See Big Returns from Facility Investment

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HNY 3rd Quarterly Report 2013

  • Western New York Food Hub Feasibility Study to Commence!
  • Expanded GAP training in WNY
  • Research & Education on Spore-forming Bacteria Grant Proposal
  • Audit Assistance Provided to Western New York Processors

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HNY 2nd Quarterly Report 2013

  • 2-Year Food Processing Degree Curriculum Approved and Grant Received to Start-Up Program
  • Harvest NY Hosts Cultured Dairy Products Workshops
  • Harvest NY Assists Western NY Agricultural Businesses Obtain Grant Money
  • Harvest NY Co-Facilitates a Food System Roundtable Discussion
  • Growth in the Works for Friendly Acres Dairy Farm
  • Knight Dairy Farm Looks to the Future

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HNY 1st Quarterly Report 2013

  • Workforce Development Initiatives in Food Processing for Western NY
  • New Resource Available: Guide on How to Purchase at the NYS Produce Auctions
  • Southern Tier Dairy Farmers Look to Peers When Seeking to Improve Milk Production with New '10 Pound Club'
  • Survey of Western NY Dairy Farmers Shows Appetite for Growth and Increasing Milk Production Amid Land and Labor Concerns
  • Opportunities for Growth in Western New York Farmers Markets
  • Harvest New York supports the development of a regional food hub in Western New York

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HNY 3rd & 4th Quarterly Report 2012

  • Training of Employees Entering the Food Processing Sector
  • Development of an Acid Whey Work Group
  • New York State produce auctions demonstrate stronger economic growth when they receive effective extension education support services
  • Emerging New York food hubs represent new opportunities for New York State farmers to meet the local food demand
  • Opportunities for Growth and Improvement in Productivity at Farm Level in Western New York Dairy Industry
  • Identifying New York Dairy Farm Growth Opportunities Stemming from Proposed Medium CAFO Permit Threshold Increase

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calendar of events

Upcoming Events

Fluid Milk Processing for Quality and Safety (Online Course)

July 1 - December 31, 2018

This online workshop (with rolling registration) is designed for those involved and interested in fluid milk processing and testing with the intent of providing the tools to support and improve on quality assurance/control and food safety programs for bottled milks. While the course design assumes participants have some prior knowledge of dairy microbiology & processing (e.g., Dairy Science & Sanitation Course), critical concepts will be reviewed and expanded on for those who do not. This course can be taken as a stand-along program, but it also fulfills the core training requirement of a Cornell Dairy Foods Certificate for Fluid Milk Processing for Quality and Safety after all required prerequisite courses have been taken (e.g., Dairy Science & Sanitation, HACCP, HTST).
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Dairy Science and Sanitation Workshop (VT)

September 25 - September 26, 2018
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Colchester, VT

The Dairy Science and Sanitation Workshop is tailored to dairy processing personnel and is designed to help participants understand the basic principles of dairy science and safety, as well as emphasize dairy processing establishment needs related to dairy sanitation to ensure that proper programs are conducted in their establishments. 
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Writing Your Business & Marketing Plan

October 18, 2018
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Watertown, NY

This session is designed for those who are looking to take their business to the next level. It will include discussion and coverage of the components and considerations for a strong business plan in addition to an in depth look at the marketing plan. This course will also provide you with a template to complete the respective plans.
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Growing for Wholesale Guidelines Available

Grading and packing guidelines are now available for 17 commonly grown specialty crops in NYS: acorn squash, broccoli crowns, Brussels sprouts, corn, green peppers, cucumbers, green cabbage, red cabbage, savory cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant, green beans, jalapenos, poblanos, Hungarian hot peppers, summer squash, and zucchini.

Acceptable quality standards and common defects that should be sorted out on the grading line are depicted in these resources, both visually and in outline form. Find all of the grading sheets here.