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Livestock Processing & MarketingIn 2015, the New York livestock industry comprised of 110,000 beef cattle, 17,000 meat goats, 76,000 hogs and 80,000 sheep and lambs. Market value of livestock, poultry, and their products sold ranks New York 22nd in the nation.

The industry is experiencing growth and added interest in the production and availability of locally sourced meats and meat products. The prospect of new processing capacity in many parts of New York as well as the development of enhanced educational programs in meat processing at SUNY Cobleskill presents an opportunity for enhanced capacity to support this growth.

The Harvest NY Livestock Processing & Marketing Specialist helps the livestock and meats processing industries assess production and marketing challenges and provides educational resources necessary to guide management practices, enhancing economic development.

Most Recent Livestock Processing & Marketing Content

Beef Breakdown Brochure: Understanding Beef Cuts When Buying Local Beef

Last Modified: September 1, 2017
Beef Breakdown Brochure: Understanding Beef Cuts When Buying Local Beef

Created by the New York Beef Council and MacKenzie Waro of Harvest NY, the Beef Breakdown brochure contains information pertaining to beef processing, retail beef cuts, and beef resources.

Pork Cutting Workshop Provides Understanding of Cuts, Marketing, and Food Safety

MacKenzie Waro, Livestock Processing & Marketing Specialist

Last Modified: September 25, 2016
Pork Cutting Workshop Provides Understanding of Cuts, Marketing, and Food Safety

Helping producers figure out that piece of the puzzle is a series of meat processing and marketing classes co-organized by SUNY Cobleskill and Cornell Cooperative Extension's (CCE) Harvest New York economic development and sustainability program. The most recent of these classes held August 24 focused on pork and looked to provide greater understanding of pork cuts, pork marketing, food safety and sausage making. 

Beef Cutting Seminar - A Huge Success!

MacKenzie Waro, Livestock Processing & Marketing Specialist

Last Modified: May 27, 2016
Beef Cutting Seminar - A Huge Success!

SUNY Cobleskill and Harvest New York invited beef producers to hone their skills in a one-day Beef Cutting Seminar on May 25, the first in a new series of meat production classes to be offered throughout the year. The course was taught by SUNY Cobleskill faculty, and Specialists from the Harvest New York program of Cornell Cooperative Extension.

The all-day class was designed for producers who are selling to markets, would like to learn to cut their own meats, or are interested in learning about cuts of beef. It covered which cuts are most profitable, quality of meat, what products consumers want, and marketing strategies. Participants learned about the cuts of beef and marketing in a morning classroom session before applying that knowledge in the afternoon to cut a cattle carcass.

More Livestock Processing & Marketing Content

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Small-Scale Value-Added Dairy

February 20, 2018
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Plattsburgh, NY

This presentation will introduce you to the ins and outs of small-scale cheese, yogurt and other value-added dairy production.
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Starting a Winery in NNY: Considerations and Costs

Are you interested in starting a winery in Northern New York? CCE Harvest New York has put together a report and interactive Excel spreadsheets on Starting a Winery in Northern New York: Winery Establishment Considerations and Costs.

The report provides a general overview of starting a winery in Northern New York. You will find information on current wine sales, markets, winery establishment costs, licensing resources, growing grapes vs purchasing grapes or juice, winery building, and potential financial help resources.

Additionally, we have created Excel spreadsheets to help you determine some start-up costs and considerations. Within the Cost Calculating Spreadsheet, you will find worksheets for Yield per Vine, Yield per Acre, and Production Establishment Cost. Instructions are provided on the top of each worksheet. 

Growing for Wholesale Guidelines Available

Grading and packing guidelines are now available for 16 commonly grown specialty crops in NYS: broccoli crowns, Brussels sprouts, corn, green peppers, cucumbers, green cabbage, red cabbage, savory cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant, green beans, jalapenos, poblanos, Hungarian hot peppers, summer squash, and zucchini.

Acceptable quality standards and common defects that should be sorted out on the grading line are depicted in these resources, both visually and in outline form. Find all of the grading sheets here.

Western NY Food Hub looking for produce farmers!

Eden Valley Growers (EVG) is opening their doors to new produce growers interested in selling through wholesale market channels! Dubbed the Western NY Food Hub, this business diversification will provide qualified growers with immediate access to wholesale markets. Based in Erie County, EVG is a vegetable growing farm cooperative that recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. Recognizing the increasing demand for locally grown food and the considerable assets the cooperative has, both in terms of infrastructure, sales and marketing, they are eager to provide Western NY farmers with a viable market for their produce. Click HERE to see more information.