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Dairy Food ProcessingNew York State is #1 in the production of yogurt, sour cream and cottage cheese and is also #4 in total cheese production. Throughout the past five years, there has been tremendous growth in the numbers of companies coming to New York State to manufacture dairy products as a result of the high quality milk supply, proximity to markets and state-level and extension support that is given to the dairy manufacturing industry.

Dairy Food Manufacturing also employs well over 8,000 people in New York State. Additionally, for every job created by dairy food manufacturers, an additional 5.6 jobs are created indirectly (i.e. through vendors, contractors, et cetra). With the growth and projected growth in dairy foods manufacturing, developing a workforce is essential to sustainability. The Dairy Foods Processing Specialists works with regulatory agencies, workforce development agencies and suppliers to educate a future workforce for the dairy foods manufacturing industry.

Additionally, the Dairy Foods Processing Specialists works with start-up companies to understand market dynamics and upscale products to begin manufacturing their product in New York State. 

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Harvest NY Team Members are Delivering Dairy Processing Training

Last Modified: June 9, 2016
Harvest NY Team Members are Delivering Dairy Processing Training

Harvest NY team members are helping to coordinate and deliver training in Basic Dairy Science and Sanitation, Food Safety and Preventive Controls for Human Food, The Science of Yogurt and Fermented Dairy Products, Advanced Fluid Milk Processing, and Vat Pasteurization.

Training Programs for Dairy Food Manufacturers

Last Modified: March 23, 2016
Training Programs for Dairy Food Manufacturers

The Cornell Dairy Food Certification program is meant to improve knowledge for the workforce through various short courses. This training program combines the dairy foods expertise of Cornell, regulatory agencies and industry vendors.

NY Loves Food Industry

Last Modified: March 8, 2015
NY Loves Food Industry

New York Loves Food Industry is a resource that showcases New York's major food processors, academic and research institutions and supplier resources. With these maps, it is obvious that New York State is a great place for your food business.

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Empire State Barley and Malt Summit

December 13 - December 14, 2017
Weds evening program and all day Thursday
Liverpool, NY

Join us in an informative summit targeted toward NYS malting barley growers and malt house operators as well as small grains growers interested in malting barley as a new crop. NYS brewers and distillers who wish to better understand the growing and malting processes are encouraged to attend too.
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Growing for Wholesale Guidelines Available

Grading and packing guidelines are now available for 16 commonly grown specialty crops in NYS: broccoli crowns, Brussels sprouts, corn, green peppers, cucumbers, green cabbage, red cabbage, savory cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant, green beans, jalapenos, poblanos, Hungarian hot peppers, summer squash, and zucchini.

Acceptable quality standards and common defects that should be sorted out on the grading line are depicted in these resources, both visually and in outline form. Find all of the grading sheets here.

Western NY Food Hub looking for produce farmers!

Eden Valley Growers (EVG) is opening their doors to new produce growers interested in selling through wholesale market channels! Dubbed the Western NY Food Hub, this business diversification will provide qualified growers with immediate access to wholesale markets. Based in Erie County, EVG is a vegetable growing farm cooperative that recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. Recognizing the increasing demand for locally grown food and the considerable assets the cooperative has, both in terms of infrastructure, sales and marketing, they are eager to provide Western NY farmers with a viable market for their produce. Click HERE to see more information.