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Farm-Based Beverages

Farm-Based BeveragesSince 2012, New York State has supported the craft beverage industry by working to cut red tape, increase demand for locally grown farm products, and expand industry-related tourism and economic development. With a growing demand for locally grown inputs, many types of new markets have developed and continue to develop for NY's farmers. In response to this growth, research and education efforts are increasing as members of the farm-based beverage supply chains continues to expand. Harvest NY specialists strive to identify the challenges within these growing markets and work with researchers, production specialists, industry, and policy makers to overcome these barriers.


Most Recent Farm-Based Beverages Content

Crop Insurance: Insuring Grapes in New York (2018)

Last Modified: June 21, 2018
Crop Insurance: Insuring Grapes in New York (2018)

Crop insurance is a safety net for farmers that helps you manage risks. This factsheet on Insuring Grapes in New York provides important information on insurance deadlines, and what grape varieties are insurable in New York counties.

Insuring Malting Barley in New York Factsheet (2018)

Last Modified: June 21, 2018
Insuring Malting Barley in New York Factsheet (2018)

Are you a malting barley grower considering crop insurance? This factsheet provides on the crop insurance policies, where in New York you can insure malting barley, and important deadlines to keep in mind.

Malting Barley: Keys to Successful Production in New York State

Last Modified: May 24, 2018
Malting Barley: Keys to Successful Production in New York State

This comprehensive guide, developed by College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University faculty and Cornell Cooperative Extension Specialists, provides 10 essential malting barley production recommendations for growers in New York State.

More Farm-Based Beverages Content

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Strategic Workforce Approaches Symposium

May 22, 2019
Wednesday, 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Ithaca, NY

Retention. Attraction. Workforce. People. The dairy industry has consistently shared that these factors need to be improved. Our Cornell Dairy team is hosting a Strategic Workforce Approaches Symposium on Wednesday, May 22nd where we will be hearing from industry partners on existing workforce development resources and current strategies that are working for businesses. Featured speakers will include the Manufacturers Association of Central New York; Bruce Krupke, Executive Vice President of Northeast Dairy Foods Association; Dr. Richard Stup, Agriculture Workforce Specialist of Cornell University; and an industry panel, "Navigating Employee Interaction Strategies."
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NYS Agricultural Soil Survey

In order to better understand the unique soils used in New York City's urban farms, Cornell Cooperative Extension's urban agriculture program launched the NYC Survey of Agricultural Soils in 2018. After obtaining soil and plant tissue analysis from ten urban farms in NYC, we are expanding the survey in 2019 with the goal of informing best management practices for unique productive urban soils. See our preliminary findings and more information, including a how-to tip sheet for NYC urban farmers on collecting soil samples and getting a soil test.