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Guide to Farming in New York State Available in English and Spanish

Yolanda Gonzalez, Urban Agriculture Specialist
Harvest New York

April 22, 2022

For nearly two decades, the Guide to Farming in New York State has been the Cornell Small Farms Program's go-to resource for those looking to start a farm business, and has been referenced by both new and experienced farmers alike! 

The original version of the Guide to Farming was developed in 2004 by Cornell Cooperative Extension Tompkins County's agricultural educators, Monika Roth and Jacob Schuelke. The guide began as a supporting text for a workshop on the Legalities and Logistics of Farming in New York State, and over time it has expanded to include a range of important questions faced by small farms in New York State, such as marketing regulations, labor laws, and organic certification. 

As a living document, the guide is regularly updated and is a valuable reference material for CCE educators, ag service providers, and farmers throughout New York State and beyond. The guide includes straightforward and readable fact sheets that summarize key information, and points readers toward other local and state resources, to leverage opportunities and answer key questions for farmers. 

It is important to make this information accessible to all farmers, including our Spanish-speaking farm owners, supervisors, and employees, whose contributions are vital to NYS agricultural sectors and will define the future of the NYS food system. The decision to create a Spanish language version of the guide, called "Guia para Granjas en Nueva York," is part of a larger effort to promote greater access to agricultural information and opportunities and support new and beginning Latino/a/x farmers to overcome challenges to access land and create successful farm business. 

Cornell Small Farms Program's new online platform "Centro de Recursos para Fincas" will feature this guide along with other Spanish language resources, both from the Cornell Small Farms Program and curated from other collaborators. Stay tuned for stories from Latino/a/x farmers, and opportunities to join bilingual events for new and aspiring farmers and participate in peer learning circles on farm financials in Spanish. 

If you'd like to learn more, check out Centro de Recursos para Fincas and explore Cornell Small Farm Program's growing collection of Spanish language resources for farmers.

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