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NYS Farm to School Support Service Providers Contact List

Cheryl Thayer, Local Food Distribution & Marketing Specialist

February 26, 2019
NYS Farm to School Support Service Providers Contact List

Farm to School (F2S) efforts are catalyzing across New York (NY), with much of this recent interest being ignited through Governor Cuomo's No Student Goes Hungry Program, a key provision of which is the $0.25 per lunch served incentive to those schools that purchase at least 30% of their lunch ingredients from NY farms and food processors (who's product is comprised of 51% NY farm ingredients). This robust incentive, though certainly attainable, will take some effort to achieve.

Harvest NY has compiled a list of Farm to School Support Service Providers. The list contains people and organizations that can help advance F2S in a multitude of different ways including, but not limited to (1) F2S program development, (2) assistance with finding and getting NY farm products, (3) menu (re)development that incorporates NY farm products, and (4) best practices to bridge the 3C's of F2S (cafeteria, community, classroom). People listed serve in various geographic capacities, ranging from statewide support, to regional support, to county-specific support. Please feel free to reach out to any name on this list, as all have committed to being a public resource to anyone that needs assistance.

NYS Farm to School Contact List (pdf; 113KB)

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